Healthy Tastings

MyFit brings you Healthy Tastings!

Created by MyFit, Healthy Tastings allows you to:
*Sample Healthy Foods
*Get General Advice on Which Foods Are More Nutritious
*Receive Exercise and Fitness Information

Proper nutrition is critical to good health; however, identifying which foods you need for a healthy diet can be challenging. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about a “diet” or “program”. It is part of an ongoing lifestyle. MyFit can give advice that you may use to achieve and maintain a healthy diet by providing knowledge to change how you eat.

Hosting Healthy Tastings

Host a tasting for you and your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, organizations, or for any group that you feel may benefit from health and fitness information. Your cost is free. Your guests pay only $10 for the tasting and receive valuable information on health and fitness. The food for the event is provided by the trainer. As my thanks to you for hosting, your cost is free and you choose either a free personal training session or choose to have me “raid” your fridge or cabinet and I will give advice on healthy replacements to those unhealthy items in your refrigerator or cabinets! If two people book tastings from your hosting, you will receive both the free session and the “raid”!

A balanced exercise program and good nutrition is essential for good health and well being. We rarely lose weight and keep it off without daily exercise. Together, proper strength training, cardio training, and nutrition are the only way to achieve lifelong weight control and a healthy lifestyle.

*Always consult with your medical doctor before any significant dietary, fitness, or lifestyle adjustments.